Get Stunning  Slim & Toned  Look in Your Western Outfits With Miss Pageant Skirt Shapewear

Get Stunning Slim & Toned Look in Your Western Outfits With Miss Pageant Skirt Shapewear

Premium and Stretchable:


 Miss Pageant's  Skirt Shapewear gives your western wear a stunning slim and toned look and this product is designed with a pencil shape.

Why Pencil Shape?


Compression and Target, Length:

Our skirt shapewear length is knee length. It gives a medium compression along the target tummy and thigh. You can wear it for 8 to 12 hours.

Waist :


This skirt shapewear comes with a soft elastic waistband that supports both high waist and mid waist.


This product is made by combining NYLON 82% and ELASTANE 18% which helps it to be very stretchy and comfortable and can regain its original shape without breaking.


Is Skirt Shapewear Fabric Good for Hot Weather?

Our skirt shapewear fabric gives your outfits a luxurious feel in summer and winter as it is made of highly breathable and dry-fitting technology.


Highly breathable and Dry Fit:

Sweat away from the body and to the fabric surface where it evaporates. Regulate our body temperature so help you remain cool in hot weather


Lightweight and soft:                                 

Our skirt Shapewear very comfortable and lightweight material with a soft texture so easy to carry and manage daily.                                                   

Five Beautiful Colors:


Available Waist Sizes:

Slimmy(24" to 32") - Recommended for XS, S, M
Curvy(30" to 38") - Recommended for L, XL,2XL
Chubby(38" to 44") - Recommended for 3XL,4XL,5XL



Innerwear for all western wear outfits like all types of mid skirts, long skirts, mermaid shape skirts, mid dresses, maxi dresses, and fitted gowns

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